About us

INAT is a Consultancy and Workshop headed by Jug Cerovic Architect dplg.
We create beautiful, efficient and intuitive maps.

Official Maps:

Luxembourg Bus Map
Seoul Metro Map
Utrecht Multimodal Map
Belgrade Multimodal Map

We consult with public administrations and private corporations and develop next generation schematic and dynamic maps.

In partnership with wayfinding and signage consultancy DezignTechnic we develop and implement tailor made solutions for navigation and wayfinding on a metropolitan scale.

Our clients:

Nokia-Here, Berlin, Germany
Naver Corporation, Seoul, South Korea
Wolf Ollins, Dubai, UAE
The Integer Group, Dallas, USA
Ville de Luxembourg, Luxembourg
U-OV, Utrecht, Netherlands


Jug Cerovic Architecte dplg
85 bd Pasteur
75015 Paris


Inat teamInat Jug CerovicInat Gery EgonInat Sandra Draganov

Jug Cerovic
Architecte dplg

Gery Egon
Planner B.Sc, AMRTPI

Sandra Draganov

Inat consultingInat consulting Naver CorporationRed Dot AwardInat consulting Here Nokia

Strategic Analysis
Map Design
Network Projection


Our Seoul Subway Map for Colour-Blind People designed in collaboration with Naver Corporation has received the Red Dot Award - Communication Design - Best of the Best in 2015.

Inat PublicationsInat PublicationsInat PublicationsInat Publications


One Metro World
160 pages, 2016


Inat Metro App
40 subway maps
works offline

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Google Play Store


All our maps are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and supports at RedBubble online print shop.

Inat exhibitionsInat exhibition BerlinInat exhibition MACVAL Grand ParisInat exhibition MACVAL Grand Paris

Les Passagers du Grand Paris Express
Musee d'Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne - MAC/VAL, June-September 2015

Supermarket concept space at Bikini Berlin
Berlin, Germany, June-July 2014

Inat mediaInat media Jug CerovicInat media Der Surper linien planInat media Berliner Kurier

A one-man mission to revolutionise subway maps
HERE 360

Designer Jug Cerovic's ambitious quest to standardize the world's subway maps

Looking for structure: the metro maps of Jug Cerovic
Human Transit

Subway maps that everyone can understand
Washington Post

Architect has painstakingly standardized world's subway maps
The Atlantic Cities

Neues Design fur U-Bahn-Netze - Chaos bleibt auf der Strecke
Der Spiegel

Der Super Linien-Plan
Berliner Kurier

Reinventar el metro por Jug Cerovic