INAT metro mapping standard

INAT is a mapping standard developed by French Serbian architect Jug Cerovic offering easy to read, easy to memorize and easy to use subway network maps.

Easy to read

The crowded central area of most cities is enlarged to make room for the multiplicity of lines and connecting stations.

A standard set of elements is used on all maps : line colors, stations, connections, line and station labeling.

Line angles are gently curved for a smooth consistent feel.

Easy to memorize

All lines are represented vertical, horizontal, or 45° inclined.

Most lines feature no more than 5 bends on their entire length.

Symbolic shapes highlight specific features:

Rings: circle (Moscow, Paris), rectangle (Beijing, Shanghai), stadium shaped (Berlin, Seoul), parallelogram (London)

Regularly spaced straight parallel lines in gridded street pattern cities (New York, Mexico)

Symmetry (Moscow)

Specific shapes (Madrid)

Easy to use

All text is labelled in both local and Latin characters.

The maps are designed so as to be legible on a wide array of supports from small sized prints for pocket use to smartphone and computer displays.

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INAT maps in the media