Tokyo Metro Map

Tokyo metro map

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A comprehensive map showing all Metro and commuter lines in Tokyo

Tokyo Metro
JR East Yamanote Line
JR East Commuter lines
Private Lines (Keisei, Tobu, Tojo, Keikyu, Tokyu, Odakyu, Keio, Seibu, Rinkai Line, Tsukuba Express)
Thru Trains
Tokyo Monorail, Nippori-Toneri Liner, New Transit Yurikamome,
Airport links (Skyliner, Narita Express)



The map encompasses the entire area served by the metro system, a 30x30 km square. All commuter lines in the area are also represented.


The dense central urban area is enlarged to make enough room for the display of all necessary information it contains. The periphery is consequently shrunk. Landscape features - rivers, sea - are schematized.


The map is centered on the Imperial Palace compound represented by a green circle.

The 2 main lines marking the Tokyo downtown area are shown with a simple and remarkable shape:
- Yamanote line linking all main railway stations is a rectangle with rounded corners.
- Oedo line is an axially symmetric loop.


Lines' shapes are simplified and organized following a regular structure related to symbolic elements:
- Diagonals centered on the imperial palace
- Vertical axis parallel to Yamanote line
- Offset paths parallel to Oedo line


A hierarchy of information is established to avoid overwhelming the user with data.
There are successive lecture levels:
1. Metro lines with bright shades
2. Commuter lines with pastel shades
3. Light Rail lines with a central white stroke


Imperial palace and Downtown Tokyo

Shinjuku and Shibuya

Narita and Haneda Airports

Main Olympic areas

All metro maps

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